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Took TWO payments & left me in DIRE STRAIGHTS!!!

Was horrified to find that TWO payments had been taken for my recent order to Hungry House , now yes e-mail of apology sent to me explaining it would be back in my account in 3 working days BUT I am on INCOME SUPPORT & on a VERY limited budget so to treat myself to a take away is a rarity and of real importance to me as in quality of food and service as I don't have money to waste!!!!

The meal itself was dire , I had to wait nearly 2 hours for it and it was cold on arrival & the delivery driver had a car parked outside my door with around 3 other guys in it at 1am with me in my nightclothes & I felt VERY uncomfortable & find this to be extremely unprofessional plus like I said the food was dire anyway but my issue is the EXTRA £10.80 which was taken from my account was actually for MY ELECTRICITY for over the weekend!!!!!!!!!

So to find that money GONE from my account meant I had NO money for my electricity for over the weekend and my electricity ran out this morning ( I had used the emergency credit ) so I was panicking of course and I cannot even DESCRIBE the hassle I went through to borrow money to put on my meter and actually spent my Saturday afternoon in tears thanks to Hungry House and it is NOT just about an e-mail of apology and a refund of my money in 3 working days as it is of no use to me when it was my money for my electricity for over the weekend! :-(
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    Reply from Hungryhouse

    Dear Carole,

    We are so sorry to hear about the extreme inconvenience caused by this issue. You should have received an email from hungryhouse on 19th February with detailed information about this technical issue and also compensation offered.

    Please reply to this post if you have not received that email or alternatively please let us know at and we will be more than glad to assist you.

    Kind regards,
    Your hungryhouse Team
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