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The payment system refused my entirely valid card

I tried to pay by card and it was refused - even though I had used in onsite before. I called my bank who said there was no problem with my card. I re-ordered as a guest rather than a member and my card was again refused. I was forced to go with the pay cash option and then go out in the rain to use THE SAME CARD to draw cash from an ATM. This card issue has happened more than once and I now feel that it is a waste of time using HungryHouse
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    Reply from Hungryhouse

    Hi Alex,

    We are very sorry for the bad experiences you had. Could you please send us an email at with the email address you used to attempt this transaction? We would like to investigate this situation and see why your card was declined; the last thing we want is prospective customers not able to purchase food!

    Kind regards,
    Your hungryhouse Team
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