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Not bad, but reviews are censored.

I've been with hungry house for a number of years. Mostly they're spot on and there aren't any problems. However, if there are any problems... you don't have a voice. Your negative reviews are censored if you have any constructive comments about a restaurants performance. This makes it difficult to tell which restaurants are performing poorly, so you pretty much find out when you order the food. Pointless having a review system on hungry house if your comments are white washed like this. I'd go into a restaurants review page and it's... blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank... not a constructive comment in sight. The only one's that seem to get through are the short glowing reviews. You will notice that all the reviews that have less than full marks are blank. Quite a few of my own comments have been deleted without any justifiable cause. Polite grammar, no defamatory or insulting language, but still BLANK!
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    Reply from Hungryhouse

    Dear Graham,

    Thank you for your feedback! Honest and constructive reviews for our restaurant partners are one of the greatest strengths of our service. All reviews are published and only comments violating our house rules are moderated. You may find the full list of house rules in the FAQ section of our website.

    We would like to investigate why your comments were deleted. Could you please reply to this post with an order number or alternatively, you may write us at We look forward to hear from you again soon!

    Kind regards,
    Your hungryhouse Team
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