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How could so much go so wrong

Another parcel damaged in transit

Less than helpful service to resolve once again
A typical example of Failed Customer Care and worthy of highlighting.

Failed to collect parcel on the day specified with a window of 08:00hrs - 18:00hrs

[I drove 40 miles in traffic at 7pm to drop off at nearest depot myself]

Customer care confirmed driver attended property and no reply at 17:51

On my robust challenging of this info, they then admitted the driver did try to make the collection (wait for it)

A/ At 14:00hrs
B/ Not at the specified collection point - BUT at another location NOT my property

So in effect, It was my fault for not having the parcel ready for collection at a secret non-disclosed location!!

Here is the outline of resulting correspondence. You may wish to take this into account when needing to place trust in your courier service - and an indication as to what may happen when things go wrong beyond your control!!
40328680389977 . . .. Concerned item is not going to be collect today - cannot get any answer from 08451 554455
Parcel not collected so drove 40miles to nearest depot as parcel was on an priority next day delivery
Good Morning,
Thank you for your email,
I can confirm the parcel is out for delivery for today.
I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask
Kind Regards
Regional Customer Care Advisor
Good morning CR
Thank you for the update
Please can you look into why the item was not collected yesterday
We had to drive 40 miles in traffic to get this to your Slough depot before the 8pm close
The customer service number was called constantly from 5pm, and each time we were placed in a queueing system that was never attended
The service has been very disappointing and we would at the very least expect a partial refund on fees paid for service not yet received in full
Good Morning,
Thank you for your email,
I can confirm the driver to collect the parcel on the 3rdJuly at 17.51 and confirmed nobody was available.
Because the driver attempted the collection, there will be no refund available on this occasion.
I am sorry that I cannot assist you further.
Kind Regards
Regional Customer Care Advisor
Good morning
Please advise as to who we escalate this complaint to that is able to assist us further
We had contractors working on the premises that will prove no attendance
Please advise if the driver left a card to show he attended
Please provide tracking information to prove attendance at the property (arrival and departure time)
We also have phone recorders showing calls to 0845 155 4455 at the following times made from the premises (Call Time - mins:sec):
14:04 - 1:53
17.06 - 7:23
17:40 - 6:09
18:24 - 13:19
It is one thing not to have honoured your service agreement,. it is something entirely different using blatant lies to cover up in-actions
and I am sorry but this will not be tolerated
Kind regards
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.
I can confirm that the information on our system indicates that the driver attempted the collection, hover it is possible for drivers to make mistakes and attempt at the incorrect address. Our records show that the driver attempted at 14.00 as detailed below.
'apparently' tried to collect from the wrong adress at 14:00hrs
71 Premises Closed
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Unfortunately ipostparcels.com do not have a dedicated telephone line or an inbound number for you to call, and rely on emails for communication. This enables us to save money and cut costs to you , our customer.
As a gesture of goodwill, I have attached a 10% voucher off your next order with us.
Kind Regards
Regional Customer Care Advisor
Thank you for the update

This is not a solution we find acceptable

1) It is not a partial refund of fees already paid as highlighted as being the outcome we expect

2) 'Goodwill gesture' Is only valid subject to using your service in the future - an action at present far from certain

Will once again request the contact details to whom this can be escalted
Marketing Director would be preferable
We are talking rediculously small numbers here … but very high stakes, in time, confidence and reputation

Kind regards
Good morning

Thank you for your reply

I can confirm that, according to our records, the collection was attempted on the scheduled day that you booked for collection.

Delivery was carried out the next day as scheduled, once the goods had been dropped off at the depot.

Under the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you made the booking we have no liability for any economic loss.

I am sorry that I cannot assist you further on this occasion

Kind Regards
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