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con artists see review !!

i re-iterate the above comments. report them to their webhost abuse at 1and1 dot co dot uk

google checkout banned them. no bank would touch them so they get someone to process the payments for them currently is paypal and credit/debit cards via a firm you should lobby www dot cardsave dot net to do same (0808 149 5181 or 0800 058 8200). ask card save for their real number they have to give it (reject any 0844s). of course, they may be "bullet proof" card processor i.e. fraud friendly as they generate profit up till a point. actually are well known for slamming business customers telling them termination fees from other merchant processing providers are illegal then when you cancel apparently invoicing for £705. they know all about and fraud but you might like to all phone them on their freefone number but note they wont let you if you with hold your number so be creative. its obvious why. they are almost as big a scam but that's a story for another day.

unless they have given their suppliers details or the 'L' in the GDL logo on gadget-distribution dot doesn't stand for Limited, you might recognise the following gentlemans website and many of the products. WHOIS address for below .com is part fake.. google maps show country side, a house, land rover and no high street ( it you will see high st is not part of their address and the rest is inconsistent).

bbtradesales dot com

But this appears in fact a red herring. It seems this gadget distribution is a legitimate company run by Ian Willaims with address issues. Do not confuse with the real culprits:

These are the people behind all these websites with same problems:

Mr Michael Reeder & Helen Reeder
26 Carbis Close
Port Solent

He is 34 years old and his name is in the whois for the below websites, read on after the stars!!

From 2007, he was scamming using the now infamous site (google it for lots and lots of other forums complaints!) and living with Helen (surname before marriage Young, a teacher and now "Portsmouth NUT" caseworker). Massive con operation..lots of threads on google including trust pilot where people used his parents phone number or police to somehow get their money back.. I don't advise. do nothing but keep registering domains for them.

exact same thing with a now struck off company Gadget Distribution Ltd which used sage pay (formerly protx) and same modus operendi more lately called:

Registered no: 06665937
Registered office: Wellesley House 204 London Road
Hampshire PO7 7AN

lots and lots of complaints, exact same sick trick last xmas, as well,, odds & pods, now this year etc

www DOT canyoutrustthem dot com forward_slash index.php?go=quick_search&keyword=gadget+distribut ion (no spaces)

websites use £30 off the shelf website shop carts provided by estorebuilder co uk


remember on internet a trail and pattern is always left!

they're getting careless though as although its still hard to prove a criminal offence, they don't appear to be a limited company any more thus can't go bust with all your money and legitimize it like the sofa reincarnation companies, so can probably now be personally sued in the smaill claims court use will cost £25 and you can do yourself. winning a judgement would be simple enforcing it is not guaranteed. baliffs might need to be sent in to their house. or other people have phoned his parents or threatened police but certainly don't advise this!! instead take the civils steps of credit or debit card dispute and also contact your local police force to make a crime report which will be forwarded on to his local force. Trading Standards at Portsmouth City Council have ordered him to comply with certain regulations before and with threads on him 25 pages long, the Police cannot claim anymore he is just an incompetent business man. I recall a case on BBC Watchdog about a dodgey locksmith who would perform unecessary work, fitting unecessary new cheap locks at luxury lock prices and drove Ferraris. He's now in jail, at last.

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