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Unreliable at best!

This company offers great spanish brands, such as Desigual at fair prices and has a multitude of different discounts and voucher. That all sounds good - but getting your items are a whole other story!

I wanted to make a "test-buy" - a cute, but not too pricy item - to check this page out! So on march 11th I ordered a yellow dress, thinking that was time enough for it to reach DK by April 1rst.

Being used to ordering things from abroad regularly I started wondering after 5 days or so, why I had not received a shipping notification. I contacted them and they said that there would be some delay. Well I did not worry at first, but after 10 days I was outraged...
On their site I saw the same dress on sale!!

I contacted them again. and they were so friendly and offered me a full refund if I cancelled - so I thought why not give them a chance and see what happens (I paid through paypal so I felt secure).

I almost forgot about but on april 11th I thought I would check up on the order status, it was still processing so I asked for a refund.

They said they would process it monday (yesterday) but I haven't heard anything yet and I have now filed a dispute claim through paypal!

Better safe than sorry!!!
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