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Excellent Service, Extremely Friendly & Helpful Where Others Don't Seem To Care!

I don't usually bother leaving reviews for anyone, or anything. However, credit where, credit's due!

When I read reviews as glowing as mine online, I automatically think "yeah right - this has been written by the company themselves". I assure you, I am a genuine top-rated eBay power-seller, who is just extremely happy with the service.

Iwoca are an extremely friendly and helpful bunch. As an online seller, it is extremely difficult to get business loans - as most (if not all!) banks / loan companies still don't consider you as a 'real' business entity. This is clearly ridiculous, considering that online business is booming and the high street's in decline.

Never having had credit card / loans in the past (and having, applied for, but been refused business loans by the banks) - Iwoca judged me on my proven track record on eBay. Without Iwoca's help, I would probably have had to close my business.

The interest rates are very reasonable, money was transferred very fast - and Iwoca took a genuine interest in my business.

The bottom line..........the banks left me for dead (whilst investing heavily in 'the high street'). They were completely uninterested in how much money was going in and out of my Paypal account, or my earning potential.........only what my bank balance stood at (when I hardly ever use my bank account).

Iwoca took enough interest to see my obvious earning potential. They saved my business from a very sticky situation, and I am now completely self sufficient.

I wish Iwoca all the best for the future - thanks guys!
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