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Wow simply amazing service, quick, efficient and very understanding company.

Having not really needing any financial help at the time being and more so just testing the water to see if we would be eligible for funds that would help with expansion in the near future as being blacklisted with a very poor credit rating it wouldn't be the first time being turned away from financial help we were very surprised by the response giving by Iwoca.

Having spoken to James(co-founder) on the telephone and with him going through our business and seeing the potential we have it was satisfying for him to come back to us with an immediate offer, we asked if the offer could be increased slightly as we felt the first offer wouldn't have had the impact desired and James came back to us with an increased offer at great short terms rates that are easily manageable and affordable and crystal clear from the off set.

We accepted the offer which means we can expand sooner instead of later and push us into the front of the race in our very competitive market with the bigger boys!

We can pay back early which we are planning to do with regular weekly payments after the first month so it is more manageable than paying one lump sum every month, thus decreasing the interest due too.

Really looking forward and excited to be working with these guys over the course of the next few years!

One very satisfied customer!

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