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Genuine HP battery at clone price, but from Hong Kong not UK.

I have just bought a replacement battery for my HP Envy 15 from KingBattery. After a few days after I ordered I hadn't received an order confirmation, though my payment via PayPal had gone through (it is possible my partner had deleted it, however). I then read the website 'About Us' section, which seems to disclaim that they sell original batteries and only sell clones. I was worried and read up these reviews, which worried me more. I tried to cancel the order but it had already been dispatched so I decided to wait and see.what came. Form PayPal I discovered that KingBattery is in Hong Kong, so I was even more worried. Happy ending, however, because the battery arrived today and IS a genuine HP one and seems fine. I have advised KingBattery to be more clear and honest on their site.
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    Reply from Kingbattery

    Dear Ralph Barraclough

    Have a good day.

    Many Thanks for your re-view on our website, also many thanks for your suggestion for our company.

    also we hope that we can cooperate with each other in future

    Hope your families have a good luck

    Best Wishes
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