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3rd Time Unlucky

My company wanted some pull-up banners for our exhibition stand at the Lincolnshire Show 2012.

We came across Kituout, and were very impressed by their prices. In fact they seemed too good to be true.

With this in mind we ordered 1 ‘pull-up’ banner which arrived before its due date, and was excellent in quality. So impressed, we ordered another two the same day. They again arrived on time and were excellent in quality.

We then talked about having 8 ‘A1’ and 2 ‘A0’ posters produced on vinyl for the show and agreed a price, paid for them, and awaited their arrival.

Third time unlucky! They never arrived. This meant we were stuck a day before the show, and had to quickly make alternative printing arrangements, or end up exhibiting at the show with no marketing material.

We made some enquiries and discovered that Staples could produce the ‘A1’ posters, but not the ‘A0’ size. So we supplied our original in-house designed artwork to Staples and let them produce the ‘A1’ posters.

We resorted to printing the ‘A0’ posters in-house on 18 ‘A4’ sheets and joined them together using magic tape. It worked from a distance!

When requesting a refund from Kituout for the material we did not receive, we were ignored for ages. Then we had our integrity questioned because they saw pictures of our stand on Facebook.

Despite us constantly ringing them in the days leading up to the show asking when we could expect delivery. They saw the posters on our display boards and assumed it was their product,

So we sent them a copy of the receipt from Staples dated the day before the show for 8 posters. We also supplied “close up” photos of the ‘A0’ posters, clearly showing the joins between sheets. Finally, as the Kituout products were going to be produced on vinyl, we ripped one the Staples posters to show that it was printed on paper, so it could not be their product.

After sending all of this proof we have got the silent treatment again despite waiting nearly another 3 weeks for a response

Kituout seem to think that proof of “postage” is good enough to excuse the lack of “postal tracking”. A service that people expect these days, especially when as a customer, we are paying the p&p.

I have tried to be as fair as possible in this review.

I am disappointed that a company that produces quality printing can let themselves down so badly by not sending customers’ orders by registered post, and, when it is proven that things have gone wrong they bury their heads in the sand rather than deal with the problem.
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    This customer has recieved our printed gloss posters, there are used and shown on there facebook page. I have told them to go through with paypal which they chose not to do this is because they have recieved my printed goods. All purchased goods using Paypal are fully protected any problems should go through with them and after dispute has been made a decision on the refund will be made.
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