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This is worst mobile company I have ever meet and more than that , they employed scammers...

Never ever trust Lebara !!!!
A year ago I bought £10 pounds worth sim card and got some promotional offer on top of that., but I didnt know that promotional minutes had expire dat , so I missed that .When I ask Lebara costumers services where are my minutes, they told me , its expired, I had to use it with that specific time, when was the promotion..
So nothing I could do , because it was my fault , never herd or checked properly the offer.
About 6 weeks ago, the lebara sim card seller who sells in Lewisham centre in London, caught me by offering me 500 minutes for 20 pounds.because I remeber my previous experience with Lebara , I asked him,-Do I need to use this 500 minutes with some specific time ? He said ,- NO, You can use ith within 12 months.I agreed to pay him 20 pounds, came home.put the card on it..Call to check the balance and guess what..Your promotional offer ends on March 2013 .
I was shocked..I went back to this guys, and asked for refund , as he lied to me and guess what ,...He said,,- I am not authorised to give you money back, call to costumer service...How on earth someone is authorised to sell in this country on the street ,, but not authorised to give money back..Anyway ,I called to costumer service , they said sorry what happened to me.. And they will chase up the guy..I waited 7-10 days and nothing happened.So I called about 10 times within 2-3 days and finally ...they offered to refund me my 20 pounds and the supervisor told me that sim card already cancelled and my money will be on my account within 7 working day...
Believe me, I called every week at least 3 -4 phone calles after that promissed made.. I spoke with supervisor who lied to me.. I spoke with costumer services who lied to me again and again.,...that we will chaise up and they will call you back and guess what , they never ever did ...
More then that , each time I called to costumer service I get misleading information..
This is the answers :
!,- Your payment has been authorised and your money will be in your account within 7-10 working days.
2,-I have refunded your money to your sim card
3,-You will get phone call from us today between 3-4 pm
4.I can see , your money has bee refunded...
5.Sir, I spoke with you 20 min, and I cant help you any more
6.You spoke with my college and I cant help you, but My supervisor will call you..

Guess what , today is 25 of March 2013 and I dont have my money and I never used this sim card.,.
Perhaps Lebara as a mobile company is OK, for making phone calls, but costumer service is very bad. This is what Lebara is .Not the wonderful world of Lebara at all...as they pick up the phone
So If you are a person who don't like to be scammed and cheated you decide what to do ..
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