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Conned and lied to by this terrible company.

I phoned Limobrokers to book a pink limo, the colour was my only stipulation. They informed me that a pink limo is more expensive than a white one. I understood, so I paid the extra. I spoke with their sale representative ‘Liam’ and he assured me that this was no problem.

There were a few phone calls to negotiate price, but I never faltered on requiring the pink limo.

I eventually booked and received my e-mail confirmation. There was no mention of colour, so I called them back. They told me not to worry, there is just no place to add colour choice on the confirmation e-mail, but I would definitely receive a pink limo. They had been very helpful and transparent, so I trusted them. Big mistake!
The limo that turned up was white. The driver was rally apologetic and informed me that his company was hired by Limobrokers, he didn’t work directly for him. He didn’t appear shocked by this screw-up, it must happen a lot and actively encouraged me to take it further, giving me all his details.

When I called to complain and asked for a partial refund I was spoken to rather rudely and informed that they have no record of me requesting a pink limo and that I was not entitled to any refund. I asked them to speak to Liam, the sales rep, as he will confirm my request, the refused. I also asked to speak with him, but they refused to get him on the line and told me to e-mail my complaint in.
I e-mailed the complaints department and was met with the same response.
I will now try and raise awareness of these con-artists and see what legal groundings I have.

At the end of the day, nothing will change the fact that my ‘pink themed’ party was ruined. They juts simply don’t care.
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