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Nice products, awful customer service and delivery process

Loaf have nice products and a good website, unfortunately their customer service and logistics (warehouse storage and delivery service) massively let them down. We ordered a rug and 6 cushions. An order of over £750. The cushions arrived no problems and are fantastic. A few hours later ( why not all together I don't know, that's the first - albeit minor in comparison - issue) arrives the rug. Upon opening the rug, the stench of damp and coating of Mold spores was gut wrenching. It had been stored somewhere very very damp and contained Mold, damp stains and smelt revolting.

We phone Loaf to arrange replacement and send an email complaint on Saturday. Loaf arrange a pickup of the damp rug on Monday and promise to look into it. My wife waits in all day Monday, no pickup of the rug is made. On Tuesday the rug is picked up. I ring loaf on Wednesday again to ask for a response to my email explaining how such a faulty product can be sent and also understand what went wrong with the pickup on Monday. They promise to call back by end of day. So it's now Thursday 19th September, no one from loaf has called or responded to the email. But my wife tells me the replacement rug has arrived, lets just open that up and move on. So we just opened it up, unbelievably it is the same Moldy rug we got on Saturday... stinking of damp and ridden with Mold it's back in our house. Someone at Loaf are either having a laugh or their delivery service is so incompetent it cannot work out what is a return and what is a new delivery. Tomorrow I'll look forward to ringing Loaf again to ask for a refund and reply to my email and pickup of the moldy rug. Or maybe I should just burn it and write off the whole pitiful experience....?
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    Reply from Loaf

    Hi Phil,

    We're so sorry that you didn't have a good experience and thanks for taking the time to let us know. Both the condition of the rug and the mix-up with the delivery shouldn't have happened. We're finding out what went wrong so we can try to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

    If there's anything else we can help with please get in touch.

    The Loafers
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