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Info about getting your money back...

This company rarely has stock in, they claim to sell a variety of projectors, THEY DONT they sell one, the "Technic HD500" or whatever the owner is deciding to call it this month. The specifications are nowhere near what they state, the lumens are actually around 400lumens, and it has a fake HD port, the Scart port is also fake. This company will always state they have at least 1 in stock, so that people will pay for it so that he has money coming in "cashflow" you will very rarely get your money back, they will fob you off and say they have 30days from the day you request a refund to actually issue one, which by law is true, but this is only viable by law if they have the stock to give you, which they probably wont. They get stock in every 3/4months of around 200projectors, half of which will not even turn on. They do actually state in their terms and conditions that no money will be taken until the goods are dispatched, THIS IS A LIE, as soon as you get off the phone they will put your details in the system and take payment, do not buy any upgrades from them, you wont be buying a projector bag, you are buying a laptop bag they try and pass off as a projector bag. The bulb that you pay £40 or £60 for (again depending on how the owner is feeling that day) actually costs him around 30p, and you can buy these online from china. My advice, stay well away.

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