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Excellent Beds - But Confused by Sales Advice!

It is nice to be able to buy from a quality British manufacturer. All of their beds have detailed specifications, so you know exactly what you are buying, unlike most of the name brands (what are they hiding).
We have learned that it is extremely difficult to choose the right bed by laying on it in the shop for 30 minutes. They all seem so comfortable. So, it's good that The MFW has 60 days for you to be sure your bed is right for you. Never, ever buy from any retailer that won't do this!
However, when we were in the shop, the salesman noted that both my wife and myself are in our 60's, and he asked if I ever had any back problems. I told him that I have had some back issues sporadically over the years. He unhesitatingly steered us to the classicpedic range, saying that the extra support would be perfect for us. It did seem comfortable (but so did all of the other beds). So, on his advice (the staff are billed as "sleep experts"), we bought the Classicpedic Pocket Sprung, which is rated as medium firmness.
This now appears to have been a mistake, as this bed is the hardest bed I have ever slept on, and I have been waking up with back pain, stiffness and headaches - none of which existed before we slept on this bed.
The good point is that we can exchange it. The downside, is that:
1. It can't be exchanged for anything less expensive without us taking the loss (not fair, since this bed was so recommended by the sales person for us).
2. We have to pay a £45 exhange fee, which I suppose is fair enough.
3. We can only do one exchange, so the pressure is on to get this right.
Having explained our predicament to several of their advisors, we are no clearer as to which bed would work for us. Each advisor offers totally conflicting information, confusing us even more.
So, although I am certain that the products are good quality, the decision is high risk. So, we don't yet know what to do, and feel very much on our own with this. If we could only talk to someone who is indeed an expert!
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