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Buyer beware.
I ordered 2 mattresses from this company. Wished I hadn't.
I phoned the company twice to confirm the delievery as I had to take a day off work.
Delievery day came and I got a phone call from them at 3pm. "Sorry there was an error and you won't be receiving it today" another days was arranged, another day off work taken.
Mattresses arrived on the next delievery, without the 'goodwill pillows'. Another call to them. A member of staff promised to price match the mattresses as they had only been delievered and gone down in the sale.
No refund appeared. I called them 4 times over a week and half. Requesting call backs from senior staff. No call back. Only receiving a call back from senior staff (although on another call he wasnt senior staff) when mention that I would get legal advice.
Other issues. One member of staff said they have a no name policy, meaning they can't give out names of managers. Managers and other staff have no knowledge of this.
I wished I had known before buying I wouldn't have brought from them.
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