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What a Joke

I should of realised that something was not right with these people when my order confirmation came through and had Magento (a popular FREE E-Commerce software company) as there logo!

What sort of business gives you no idea or rough estimate about delivery timescales anywhere on there web site?? Apparantly Memory Foam Warehouse.

My order was not a next day item, I get that, and I did not expect it to be amazingly quick, but after a 2 week wait with NO contact at all from them, I decided I would give them an E-Mail on there contact us page. Now this is where it gets interesting. I fill in the form and send it to them. A few hours later I get an E-Mail back saying "your ticket has been answered, please login to your account to view your reply" well thats all well and good but as I used there guest checkout option I didnt have an account!!

So I find there phone number and talk to what I thought was a very helpful person, he says he will try and get a rough estimate of a delivery date for me and he would call me back. A few hours later he phones up and says they still don't have the bed in there warehouse to deliver, it's due in on the Thursday (it is currently tuesday) he will call me back and try to get it on a delivery slot for Friday.

I heard nothing from them for the rest of the week, so around 4pm on the Friday I decide to call them again, it's the same bloke! He says "oh yes I was just about to call you" (like hell he was!!) I am very sorry but I could not get your bed on todays delivery however I am looking at it right now and I will make sure it goes out on the Monday or Tuesday next week. I will call you Monday to confirm"

So I think great my bed is coming, 3 weeks later than I wanted it but at least it's arriving, I will take 2 days off work just to be safe on the Monday and Tuesday.

Monday comes and goes and still nothing, no calls, no E-Mails, nothing. My heavily pregnant girlfriend is most dissapointed as we have been sleeping on a matress on the floor now for about 4 weeks. Tuesday arrives and I stupidly think, today is the day. At 1pm after no contact and no bed I get on the phone again, this time I speak to a lady who says "no problem Mr Enderson I will find out for you, but I don't think we deliver to your area until Wednesday" to which I reply "I have just taken 2 days off work after you told me it would be Monday or Tuesday" she then gets rude and say "well I will have to phone you back".

6pm comes and surprise surprise I have had no phone call. So now I get on the phone again, I ask where is my delivery and why have I not been phoned back. This lady then tells me that I spoke with a guy on Friday who informed me that my bed was not in there warehouse and they would not be delivering it until the following Monday or Tuesday. Which is very strange as he told me he was looking at it and the other lady told me that they don't deliver to my area unless it's Wednesday, so why would he inform me of a Monday or Tuesday delivery???
So when I say to this person "I was told on Friday it would be Monday or Tuesday the following week" she then replies with "yes thats correct not this week the next"

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but in my world, actually in everyone else's world other than Memory Foam Warehouse, if you are on a Friday and someone says Monday next week, they mean in 2 days time NOT 10 days time the week after?!?!!?

Seriously I look at all the positive reviews on this site for Memory Foam Warehouse, and it's pretty clear to me the reason why they cannot deliver a bed or even be bothered to call someone back is obviously because there staff are too busy writing good reviews to make them look better than they ever are or ever will be!!!

That said thank you to who have managed to get me a better bed at a cheaper price including a headboard within 48 hours of me ordering it, it's nice to know there are still some companies who want customers out there.
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