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Yes, coming from springs, memory foam hurts first!

My 20yr old single-coil spring mattress was bowing in my sleeping space and hurting every morning. Doesn't help that I suffer many health problems, which inflame my entire body as well.
I tried out many mattresses locally, searching for the best quality material and size for my 5'4 frame and 53kg weight (for the minimum price).
I found lots of 2.5mm mattresses and didn't feel enough support.
Then I discovered memoryfoamwarehouse through google, enquiring on the phone to the friendly knowledgeable staff about the outlast series. I asked for a mattress with good support (I am a young man with back pain and not so great posture), but with the best quality memory foam.
I was pleased to find that for a small price, I was able to get something almost 3 times cheaper than my local bed store.
Additionally as expected, the mattress does indeed absorb body heat and then release it whenever and wherever the body requires it during sleep.
I can't fault my outlast 500, but I will mention that it does feel closer to the firm end than the soft end of the spectrum.
Also, I'm still not healthy yet so I haven't yet experienced the 'floating on cloud nine-level comfort'. However, I no longer wake up in nearly as much pain as I did with my old sprung mattress, and believe it to be a direct result of my new mattress.
There was one hiccup. After my Superior Outlast 500 Memory Foam Mattress arrived on time, the first 2 weeks gave me unbearable back pain, and I really wanted to return it because my posture was not improved and pain occurred in areas never experienced before. Luckily I listened to the staff at customer services, persevered through the pain for 2 weeks, and it paid off in great comfort.
This is where I think many new memory foam customers go wrong with companies such as Tempur. They spend so much money on a material alien to them and give up at the first sign of pain believing there should not be any pain for the money paid.
My own doctors have been scared away by this pain too.
Personally I think this wearing in period should be part of every memory foam marketing campaign because not knowing this fact is very deterring and encourages premature refund requests. I myself was very close to upgrading to a Superior outlast 800. And in some ways I still am, simply because I believe in the memory foam material at MFW, and that my money with this company truly equates to quality.
Some advice: If you try out a memory foam mattress in store, take your time with each one, because memory foam can take at least 5-10mins to adapt to your contour. Even after a month, my new mattress still has a short adaptation period whenever I lie down.

Good luck with your search :)
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