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Trustworthy and Reliable

After dealing with several times, I think it's time that I tell others how good my experience with them was.

Customer service is very good. People are very helpful and very professional at the same time. Even the Live Chat is extremely good. They answer and explain everything and even guide you step by step no matter how long it takes.
The response time is very fast and always doing what you expect and want.

Products are good, actually very good. They are much cheaper than the rest of the world but not because they are bad. They are cheaper because you buy them at the source and also because MiniInTheBox seems to choose the best suppliers not just anyone with cheap product.

I once received a 2.29 USD gadget that wasn’t working. When I told this to MiniInTheBox they replied instantly. Apologized for the inconvenience, refunded me the amount in 1 hour (it appeared in my PayPal Account). They asked me no questions and told me that I don’t even have to return the product.
I don’t think I have ever seen such a professional honest behavior from other such sellers I dealt with.

Since I started dealing with MiniInTheBox and seen the great service and great products I decided to only buy from them.
I also recommended them to my friends and family.

Sorry for the long review but I wanted to tell other people who shop online like me that MiniInTheBox is the best there is.
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