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Moon fruit is an amazing company and the service it provides in terms of web design software is amazing, the simplicity of the drag and drop features mean that anyone can login and create a stunning website in minutes!

I've been a loyal and happy customer for almost 3 years now and each year it just gets better and better!

I've created 5 different websites so far with moon fruit, 4 of them being for a non ecommerce based business and one being an online ecommerce Business.

I could create both online shops and regular informative websites easily from scratch and using some of their templates.

Moon fruits customer service is also very good, free accounts can post on the online forum or to their Facebook page where dedicated forum and Facebook staff respond promptly. However one of the downsides which really bugs me about moon fruit is that paid memberships can only email moon fruit for help. I feel moon fruit need a telephone number as sometimes you really just need help now, instead of waiting days for a reply to your email.

Overall, if you are thinking of joining moon fruit do it! Open a free account play around with the features and once your ready do the upgrade.
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