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Very worrying procedures, slow to get through and disorganised

I signed up for this card thinking it would make my life easier when travelling abroad, and earn Avios.

However the system is very poorly organised. Two different websites are required to check balance and top-up accordingly. There is a limit of £1500 per day which can be loaded, yet there is no mention of this on the top up page, and the system allows you to enter any amount you want. So I had no way of knowing and entered above that amount.

I tried to top up more than the allowed amount of £1500 and the payment was rejected and I was asked to try again. Not knowing why it was rejected, I tried again and the same thing happened. I was given no reason why the transactions were rejected. I contacted my bank, and they told me that both transactions had been pre-authorised.

I am now in a situation where both amounts have been pre-authorised in my bank account and I have no funds available.

I spoke to the card issuer and they had no contact with their merchant account provider at the weekend and no way to automatically release the funds. They want to fax my bank to do so. As someone who has a lot of experience with merchant accounts, this is really irregular and this is supposed to be done automatically through Visa or Mastercard. I doubt my bank will act upon receipt of a fax.

I have cancelled this card as I do not trust that this company really knows what it is doing. Plus it also took nearly 10 minutes to get through, which would be a problem if calling from abroad.

I am unlikely to have funds available for 72 hours now.
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