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If you live in a flat just Amazon it! They use real couriers who ring bells ...

Ordered via express delivery, DPD delivery service confirmed delivery and nothing was even received! Myprotein confirmed it was not delivered and did nothing for a whole week basically. Called 5 times and mailed, just random excuses.

Good products, rubbish service!

Follow up as of 7 June 2013:

One of the manager's at Myprotein arranged another express delivery via DPD for Friday 7th June 2013 to remedy the above. This new order number is 28743950. This has been an unbelievable disaster. The new order to correct the first one that was totally screwed up as well has not arrived within the order times 7.53-8.53. The text msg and email said no-one was at the property. I've been here all morning and no-one has even rang! No card has been left and DPD have said, yes, sorry, our driver has said he can come back in a couple of hours! I've explained this is off the back of another express order you messed up on Monday, where you said you delivered it to number 3, whereas my street does not even have a number 3!

Myprotein, you then confirmed, the original DPD text msg was incorrect, and had not in fact been delivered. And now I have the pleasure of another mess-up, twice in a week. My time also has some value and I can't be expected to 'wait around for a couple hours' during a working week. As stated on the call, I don't want another 'delivery', I want to know why DPD drivers' are saying parcels have been delivered when they haven't, and why they don't ring/knock on doors? I don't want any other potential customer going through the same joke as I have.

Please can you also let the next driver know that I live in a house with two flats. Top and bottom; I live in the bottom flat, they ring the buzzer and I come down. I also have a lovely neighbour who can also pick up the order.
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    Hello John,

    Thank you for your review.

    It is very disappointing to hear that you have had such issues with the delivery of your recent order and we're sorry for the delay in having this resolved. Investigations with the courier company are an essential step in situations such as this. In order to allow us to look into this case as promptly as possible, please provide your order number.

    Many thanks once again for your time and patience.

    Kindest regards, Customer Care Team
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