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The most incompetent company I have ever dealt with!

We contracted with neopost in April 2010 for the lease of a franking machine. All went well for the first few months and then we received an invoice for the full purchase of the machine. We called to explain we were on a lease and the company claimed they had no documentation from us at all. When I asked how they managed to send us a franking machine without any documentation from us - indeed how would they even know where to send the machine they could not answer. They asked us to complete a second lease application and DD mandate which we did and sent to them by recorded post. A while later we received a second invoice for the full purchase of the machine. We rang once again and they claimed they again had no documentation. Despite numerous frustrating calls to Neopost and having to explain to every new operator the details of the case the invoices kept coming. Then we started to get final demands, then the case was passed to debt collectors and we had someone new to explain the issue to. Last month we received a county court summons. We rang Neopost again who assured us that they were aware of their error, that the court case would be cancelled, and there was no need to appear. They admitted that the machine was on a lease and despite having a DD mandate they had failed to process the request for the monthly lease fees. Neopost asked if we would be OK to pay the back payments that they themselves had failed to request. We agreed - we had no problem paying what owed. An invoice for the lease arrived, but in the same post was a letter from the County Court informing us that the case had gone on without any representation from us, and they court had found in favour of Neopost.
I am absolutely disgusted with their behaviour and feel that they deliberately tricked us into not attending so they could be sure of winning the case.
The irony is that we now have an invoice from Neopost for the uncollected lease fees which no doubt they will pursue through the courts. We must be the only company in the world that have to pay lease fees for a machine which is apparently our own property!
Remarkably, during this endless saga of incompetence we have received invoices for a warranty ( a service/maintenace contract)which Neopost inform us we are obilged to take out as we are leasing a machine from them!.
You honestly couldnt make it up.
Legal action from us is imminent.
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