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Nightmare Company!!! Avoid at all costs!!!

After listening to their smooth talking salesmen and their claims of how cheap and efficent their products are, you sign a contract and the nightmare begins.
Firstly, despite asking the salesman if there were any hidden costs that he had not mentioned, and being told that there were not, I received a £100 charge for an admin fee.
I have the Autostamp2 franking machine, I was told I would get 2400 imprints per ink cartridge (at over £100 each as they do not tell you that VAT is not included), after using 2 cartridges I have acheived 68% and 71% of the performance, all usage of the machine is recorded on the meter so this can not be disputed. When you call customers services, they will deny that you did not get the advertised performance, then when you insist it is correct they stop listening to you and you are basically talking to a brick wall.
I have had both my machines base unit and ink cartridge replaced in case one of them was at fault, but the performance got even worse.
I was even charged for the replacement ink cartridge, promised a credit note would be issued, but this never happenned. I have now received a final warning from them over this.
If you want a nightmare experience, hidden costs, very bad customer service and a product that does not do what it says on the box, then sign up with Neopost.
Otherwise, look elsewhere
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