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Neopost poor service high costs and hidden charges

Never really liked these guys they have held £500 of ours in a deposit account and then still bill us when we top up the machine. Only found out that we could pay by BACS (after 5yrs) from a competitor, even when I tried to do this today they tried to purchased me from not doing this.
Franked mail is a shady area I have heard nothing good about any of the companies, long contracts with hidden T&C's that I think would not stand up to a court.

Want to hold us to three months’ notice because after they told me it was 12! Think they are making it up as they go along. £157 for a cartridge and £160 to change the tariffs are just rip-offs!
I dislike review that get too emotional as I would want them to stick to the facts, so in summary.

High charges
Try to hide costs
Don’t tell you the whole story
Charge over the odds for Post Office Tariff changes
Charge over the odds for consumables
Premium number to top up your machine!
The service guy was okay

We have just resigned with them as the local rep sold us the story that we would get better service which has not happened.

They sent the wrong contract
Tried to charge £100 set up fee (got this removed)
Delivered the wrong machine and then couldn't set it up
Started charging before we were live
Told us we could have 55 days credit to pay, find out this is a lie they want to take the DD for the next month as soon as you load the machine
They havent organised the collection of the old machine after a month it still has £132 we want back

I was taken for a mug by the nice local rep Colin who let me feel sorry for him, we should have gone with someone else .

Franking isnt a major part of our business thank god otherwise I would be really annoyed with myself!
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