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Appalling Customer Service, Poor Quality Machine, Everything Geared Up To Trying To Get You To Spend More Money

I hardly know where to start with what has been an unbelievable catalogue of poor service and expensive machinery. We are a low to middle rate volume with three or four peaks a year and probably spend approximately £1500 per month.

All starts with your super friendly local rep coming to show you a machine, which naturally works beautifully. The machine itself at the outset does not seem too expensive, all good, can't be more helpful in getting the thing up and running.

Once the machine is in, the problems started. We suddenly discovered that the cost of the peripherals - cartridges, labels etc are astronomically expensive and, indeed, unreliable. We have had more than several cartridges (at about £100 per throw) that for various reasons will not properly load into the machine and they have a very poor usage rate before needing replaced.

The machine has been of extremely poor quality with a catalogue of breakdowns and service calls. Not printing envelopes properly, scales not calibrating properly and giving incorrect postage rates leading to delays and indeed returns of important mailings, feeder jamming or not picking up envelopes and leaving some in a pile unfranked - the list goes on.

After nearly 2 years of contacts complaints and call outs we had a visit from our local rep to show us new machines - we had requested this - with still 8 months of the contract left we required a replacement machine for the duration. Basically, he turned up to try and upsell us a new machine and to talk about possible contract renewal - not what was requested. He then told us our current machine could not be replaced as they had stopped manufacture due to quality issues - um quite. It's rubbish, replace please. He then told us that was not down to him, but higher up the company - what on earth is the point of a local rep? I explained that I, as the customer, was not going to spend my time chasing up all sorts of different people, that was HIS job. He said he would arrange a meeting with superiors.

We have now had a call from someone slightly higher up the food chain following up an eamil he had been sent with our lcoal rep - hardly a meeting then - saying basically that all our problems must be human error - that he would send an IT specialist out to look at the machine and see what they thought with a view to taking things over.

Frankly this has been frustrating and time wasting over several years and I would heartily recommend anyone to avoid Neopost like the plague.
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    Reply from Neopost Ltd

    We very disappointed and concerned to hear of your experiences with us. We are keen to talk further with you on the issues you highlight and would ask you to contact us using our email address. Please mark it for the attention of the MD's Office and we will give it our urgent attention.
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