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Good but some titles mislead you

Purchased a game from them last year that was listed as Direct Download with the Digital Distribution Logo displayed which says: "The files downloaded are from publisher digital distribution packages and you are allowed to re download them as many times as you like from wherever you are".

However what they do is sneak in an extra fee, because all I got was the game key and the game itself wasn't downloaded from the publisher at all despite the product page saying so (clearly a lie). You have to pay an extra fee to get the ISO download from Online Key Store, so be careful if you see something that says direct download. It actually means CD key only but download available as an extra fee, the product pages are not clear enough at all. The product pages lie and some games are not downloaded from the publisher, instead just some random ISO you uploaded to your own servers.
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    The icon description you are talking about describes the files yes, it does however say on the download button unless you add the service its a cd key only

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