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Choose someone else to look after your dogs.

They don't tell you about important issues regarding your pets stay and they talk about seemingly behind your back prejudicing future care, together with a frosty reception when picking them up. Our experience cost us a £350 vet bill. They lack the ability to be forthright and open for some reason.
They don't deal well with dogs that have serious greed due to epilepsy medication. I would probably say some in the North East only really want nice and quiet dogs. Anything else and they probably can’t cope.
They seem incapable of contacting you back and you have to constantly chase them. If someone can’t have the decency to return your plethora of calls over the space of a month then that speak volumes to me.
They do not listen despite the information you are providing being very important. One lady claimed we never told her despite being told twice on two separate occasions. The results could be serious.
Their communication skills are non-existent and seem to give no thought to timeframes. As a result unless you have a rigid, far in advance requirement for boarding you’ll have issue with some of them.
They do accommodate the administration of medication well.
Dogs do seem happy when they are picked up.
They did get a good run out with the previous owners of the Stockton branch.
Despite the latter we won’t be using them again as I do not believe they are capable of looking after my dogs.
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