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Incredible, Professional, First Class Service

Being in the filming industry we have ordered posters for our previous productions from other National printing companies and have been happy with the results, but sometimes had a longer than anticipated wait for the material to arrive. This was not the case with I have listed exactly how it went down!!

Day 1 - Posters (including A2 & A0 size) ordered. Using their sizing support tools, including how to save as .PDF negated any concerns I had of getting it wrong! The instructions were easy to follow and gave details of how to save as .PDF in different platforms (I was using Photoshop).

Day 1 - (Later that day!) I received an email to say there was a problem with one of my files I had uploaded (due to me sizing it wrong, completely my fault!!). The team were very helpful and talked me through what I needed to do to rectify this, and re-send the file through to them.

Day 2 - Order confirmed and in progress.

Day 3 - Order confirmed as dispatched!

Day 4 - The posters arrived. I have to say that the quality is exceptional, even the A0 is fantastic quality! If I had sized the file correctly the first time I would have had my posters in 3 days! An outstanding turnaround time!

I have to confess that we would use again for any of our artwork in future productions. The service is quick, the staff professional & knowledgeable , and the quality of the prints outstanding! If you have any concerns about ordering with this company, then please feel free to get in touch with me and I can tell you personally how satisfied I was with the service the provided!

Our production is pushing on!!

Mark Wright
Dark Form Productions
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