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I had a terrible experience with - I was trying to print some 'Save the Dates' for my upcoming wedding which I had designed in PhotoShop. Initially I chose because of the 'Luxury Papers' option, and they sent me a free shipping code which made it a reasonable deal.

My first order was for the Laid paper style but when the cards arrived they had strange thick indentations in them. Also the edges of my design had been severely cropped (not made very clear on uploading my design) and the envelopes I bought to go with the postcards were about 2 cm bigger all the way around making them look really unprofessional. I emailed their customer service team and was told to provide a photo, which I did. They replied quite abruptly to say that the as the dents were regularly spaced they must be part of the paper finish (why aren't they there in the preview design then?!) and not even an apology. Fortunately the next day I recieved a courtsey email asking how my order was - I replied with the same complaints and they offered me a refund and 20% off my next order (although I need to point out that 3 weeks on, there's no sign of my refund).

I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and place another order with, although my free delivery code had now expired so I had to pay £7.99 shipping! I altered my design and chose the paper finish Sirio Pearl. However one week after placing my order I was emailed by the rude and obnoxious team to say that my design had not uploaded properly and that I should resubmit it to them. I sent them the PowerPoint file (which I had uploaded to the website) however was informed that they would only accept PDF. I managed to find a free file converter and sent them the new file. In time I recieved my new postcards, however the printing quality was poor and the paper quality was nothing like I expected (they felt very flimsy).

I have now had my designs printed through which has been an altogether more pleasant experience - their upload process allows you to see which parts of your design will be cropped and you can print on both sides for free!

In the interest of balance I will say that the first cards I recieved from were a nice print quality, and although their shipping price is ridiculous they were delivered quickly. Finally, I recieved a bizarre number of postcards for both orders - the first time I ordered 30 but got 60 and the second I ordered 25 but got 80!?
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    Good morning, Charlotte. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with I have just had it confirmed that your refund has been given and your 20% discount code sent out on the 16th October. I'm glad you found someone who was able to help you. Good luck with the wedding and thank you.
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