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Shocking Customer Service

Well you can totally ignore their customer charter on the right here,

1) 5 emails sent over past week, 4 totally ignored and 1 that took 24 hours to respond to (and that just said “sorry would you like a refund?”)
2) As for telephone, called 3 times got told someone would call back each time and no one ever did.
3) Resolve problems with jobs within 24 hours?, Well 7 working days later and still nothing

Basically after agreeing to reprint a job and saying I would have it within 3 days, they have completely ignored me. The job was due to be delivered on a Thursday, still nothing by Friday afternoon, so I emailed them to ask what was happening. No response. I called them, got told someone would call me back. No one did.
Called again, told problem with job , still not printed but have a solution and will print on Monday. I asked to be called Monday to let me know either way if job ok or not Got no call on Monday. Emailed Tuesday. No reply

Eventually i got an email on the Wednesday saying sorry, dont know whats wrong, would you like a refund? That would of been fine a week ago but a bit late now as my customer has lost patience.

I can only assume the company is aimed at large companies or large buyers of digital print but for the individual or small/ occasional print buyer then they dont really give a monkeys about you when it comes to customer service, their customer charter is obviously just marketing rubbish. Ive now lost a customer because they just ignored me rather than letting me know there was a problem.

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