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I am a designer and wedding stationer and decided to work with - BIG MISTAKE!

The very first order I placed had the wrong quantity, so I contacted about this!

The second order I placed was for my first stationery customer, so a bride and groom that had put their trust in me to deliver their wedding stationery for their big day! delivered their invitations upside down! I checked my art work and contacted who apologised and admitted their mistake and offered to reprint the items for my customer. They then gave me a new delivery date so my bride stayed in again to wait for the new items and they were not delivered on time and were actually delivered the next day! So not only had my bride received the upside down prints, but she then had to take time off work for nothing!

The third order I placed was more items for myself of my stationery for photo shoots, wedding fairs and sample packs. This arrived with me and although I was told it required a signature on delivery, it was just left with a neighbour instead when I had not requested this! When I got my order all the items were trimmed wrongly with white lines down one side or the whole design off centre. I contacted who told me that it was their fault (I also checked my pdf to make sure and it was definitely their fault) and blamed staff shortage / illness on this problem. They reprinted them and gave me a refund but when they arrived again they then had ink splats on them and were trimmed wrongly in a different way. 12% of the reprints were unusable which is not acceptable at all. I contacted who blamed my artwork even though previously they had agreed that there was nothing wrong with that. I checked my art work and it was fine and they then blamed the fact that I wanted my items printed uncoated (which is a finish they offer - so why offer this if they cannot deliver it?). These are waiting to be reprinted again, and I was told that I would have to have them printed with a laminate finish which is NOT what I ordered.

The fourth order was for another bride and groom and when they went to collect the items there were NO envelopes included even though I ordered them. They want to send their invites out this weekend so I contacted again who said they would send the envelopes out for them - no apology and no reason for them not being included besides 'human error'. They were also sent the wrong quantity of evening invitations too! So my bride will now have to either wait in from work, organise a new delivery or drive 30minutes AGAIN to go and collect them when they should have been included in the first place.

The fifth order was the same as above - another bride and groom who did not get their envelopes. So the envelopes are on their way to them and they will also have to wait in or collect them when they should have been included as I ordered them.

When I have contacted, at first I was given an apology but each time since the customer service has become rude and abrasive, even though despite being frustrated I feel I have been pleasant whilst stating my problems. I was told that there was nothing more could do for me and was even blamed at one stage for these errors. When I asked why none of the orders can actually be printed correctly the first time round I was told that was why they have the customer charter so that they can reprint for their customers! Surely delivering 100% the first time around is what they should be striving for, not apologies and sloppy reprints?

I have also been banned from their facebook page after leaving a small and non-malicious comment about how disappointed I was - they are obviously trying to hide their mistakes from other potential customers.

Can I also point out that all of the above orders and mess ups (apart from order 1) have taken place this last WEEK! So 100% of the orders I placed in a week have been wrong! And I have spent countless hours emailing / phoning / chasing round after their team and back and forth with my customers that I have had to put off a photo shoot, contact other printers, push aside freelance work and put on hold orders! I have lost sleep over this and I can't imagine the word of mouth advertising that I will receive from my brides that have had to put up with's mistakes. I have spent almost every evening dealing with some mess that has caused and I am now having to put my stationery business on hold until I find someone that can actually deliver what they say they will!

I don't understand why, when the website and ordering process is so simple and straight forward, that the production staff cannot just read what is written on each order and deliver what is required.

I was told that it is difficult for to deliver what they say, that it is human error, that it is my fault, that it is because people are off sick, that people have left them short staffed etc etc. I was told that the orders I had placed were not actually possible to fulfil, but only after they had been messed up for my customers and myself. Why offer these things if they cannot deliver them correctly the first time around?

Which then leads me to my final point - they say on their website that they care for the environment, that they take green action. Yet the amount of reprints and extra deliveries that I have had alone in the last week will have contributed to so many carbon emissions and environmentally detrimental aspects that I don't know why they bother!

I am disgusted! No doubt this comment will be deleted by them too!
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    I am sorry that your recent experience with has been a bad one, the issues you have faced will be addressed to ensure that they do not happen again. Where an experience such as yours is not common we aim to meet the needs of every customer and where there can be occasional problems with artwork we can arrange to have someone look into the artwork and provide some tips on how, together, we can produce the quality of print your customers would admire.

    With any company, at times things do not always go as planned and at our first aim is to rectify the problem as quickly as possible so as not to cause you further delay. We also quality check every order before it goes out and I will investigate why your orders were not 100%.

    We have a very strong relationship with our delivery partner but as with all companies we cannot control their actions. We trust in them that they deliver to the terms of our business and discussions will be had to find out why not only was a delivery date missed but also why a signed document was left with an unauthorised party.

    I’m truly sorry you had a bad experience with and we hope that you can find someone who can help you in the future.

    Thank you for choosing us in the first place, sorry that we could not meet you expectations.

    Apologies again and best of luck for the future.
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