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Beware RattanWarehouse sub-standard goods with absolutely no comeback, cash on delivery should have been sufficient warning.

I can only agree and add to the comments below about arrogance and total lack of customer commitment and support.

What a tale, goods arrived 12th June and comments were made as to the received quality and additional items were promised for later replacement by next appropriate delivery.

£680 was due to be paid and a lesser payment of £600 was suggested by the driver and accepted, with an offer of £30 discount when parts arrived, thus leaving £50 balance to pay.

I telephoned to confirm within a few days and was told by [Name] that we had already been given an £80 discount (started to ring some warning bells) and that the order was completed and that nothing would follow !!

This was not as agreed and on query I was told that the driver had suggested back to the office that we were not a suitable customer for their goods and that the goods should probably have never been left with us !!

I wish, as I kind of agree with that statement !!

[Name] said that they would arrange collection (implying but not stating anything about any reimbursement of paid monies) but that's become irrelevant as, needless to say, we have heard absolutely nothing more about this proposed collection.

I feel sure that the words used by [Name] maybe implied that I needed to confirm this in writing to RattanWarehouse which, to be fair I did not do, so they have maybe retained this as a let-out for any future query !! But I am equally sure that no action was going to be taken anyway by RattanWarehouse.

Meantime I had sent an email with a list of defects and photos of same, to which I received the following comment from [Name]:

''hi john
to be totally honest i would be too embarrassed to show this to our chinese factory
thanks anyway

Whilst ambiguous and unclear, this I believe has to be understood as stating that the faults were too trivial to show and report.

What happened to 'continuous improvement.'

However I can state that this is not so, although the issues would be relatively simple to correct during production and, as I spend around 1 month every year in China as a supplier, in my experience they are proud people and will quickly improve if they are treated correctly and fed the correct information, so this again, in my opinion, is a very negative sign against the Company RattanWarehouse.

There is more but I just want to highlight to all to be very careful when receiving goods from RattanWarehouse.
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    Reply from Rattanwarehouse

    We would like to show an excerpt from this customers email to quantify this ridiculous review

    "Just to confirm some of the stitching out of line misplacements are actually more like 1 min, to 2 to maybe max 3 mm ............ "

    this is a man who has written the largest review ever over CUSHIONS !! WHICH WERE 1 MM OUT OF LINE.....which as we have faultless customer service we replaced anyway...!!?!
    I leave all reading this to make your own mind up.......
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