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Who needs '7 day money-back guaranteed?

Having so many companies out there claiming best value
furnitures, it's always hard to actually find the best one to
meet your needs, without breaking the bank, or even yet that
you could actually trust.

Investing in furnitures is something that you really have to
think about specially when it comes to quality and
durability, not to mention the design. So when it gets to
furniture shopping you always end up going back to square one
as everyone claims the same things.

I'm one of the people out there that are too busy to step out
the house and spend time shopping. So, on my free time I do
all my shopping online. Shopping online is hard, is because
you cannot see the product, you can only see the image. So
you actually have to keep looking around or most of the time
shop on the same place that you always go to. Because you
built 'trust' with the shop.

After hours of online shopping, I found Right Price
Furniture. First thing I thought was 'yes another site
claiming the same things and that they are the best'. But
then after having to browse throughout the website I was
amazed at all the things they have to offer. Not to mention
that I found the furniture I have been looking for days and
for low price.


Shopping online is something I have never done beforebefore
because I like to see the furniture first and check it before
buying it but after having to read through the site offering
"7 day money-back guarantee" so I thought 'What have I got to

As I'm a busy person I hate waiting for delivery. Most
companies doesn't give you a time of when you're deliveries
are going to arrive, they just give you an estimate between
this time and time - 'Yeah, that helps a lot, not!'. So again
I was amazed that Right Price Furniture offers 'real-time
vehicle tracking and SMS reminders' so I don't have to sit at
home hoping for my delivery to arrive at some point. This
service was so helpful. Oh did I mention they deliver FREE to
virtually every UK mainland!

The other thing, most companies always have offers on their
products so I spend time comparing the furniture and noticed
that Right Price Furniture has lower price. On top of top
they had 65% off on products so YES! Even better. But then
again, I'm back to the quality of the furniture and the
durability because sometimes when I buy low price products,
it's never what I expected when it arrives but '7 days
money-back guarantee'? There's no harm in taking a

Ordering online was so easy and as promised the customer
service was was great from start to finish. I was kept
informed of delivery/dispatch and the product arrived as
promised. I think this is probably one of the only
reviews I have ever given, I usually cannot be bothered. However, from the service to the product, this company cannot
be faulted. I received a text, even a phone call to give me the time of delivery
and they were bang on time.

The quality of the furniture I purchased was excellent and
was very reasonably priced. I have even book marked the site
and will definitely make it the first place I look for my
next furniture purchase. Even told all my family and friends
about the site. Who needs '7 day money-back guarantee' from
this guys!
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Fantastic piece of furniture!

A little worried at first as I've never ordered a piece of furniture online before. I like seeing it in person but with dimensions clearly marked on each product page and a photo to match it put me at ease and I thought i'd give it a go, and I'm more than happy that I did.

Staff were friendly, polite and extremely helpful (with answering all my worrying nagging questions), offered free delivery and even a free mirror as I was spending over £1000!

One thing I will say is after ordering and my furniture arriving, my kids kids kids kids kids kids grandkids will be using these! The workman ship is outstanding. This is a quality piece of furniture and would highly recommend them (especially there country solid oak range).
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Superb quality furniture

Having recently spilt a bucket of paint over my bed frame, I needed a good one quickly. A friend told me that they had got a corner suite from rightpricefurniture recently, and was impressed at how solid it was. I checked out the website, found a bed that I liked, and ordered it. The price was acceptable, considering that what turned up with the next few days (with free delivery) was quality that I personally had never seen before. It felt like something that should've cost 10x more than it did. Without a doubt I'd say that if you want proper, decent furniture, then check out these guys, as I am still well impressed!
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Very Freindly Staff

I looked around the site and could not believe the prices. I have seen similar products costing a fair bit more on other sites, so natuarlly I was a bit dubious, but I took delivery of my oak dining table today, ready for christmas! The build and quality is every bit as good as I read on the website and the price was simply brilliant! Will defo go back to the company when I need more furniture!!!
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Really pleased

Just taken delivery and overall very impressed, had to wait a week longer then I thought but was kept up to date.

Quality for the money is pretty amazing, seems to be all solid wood dovetailed joints, I thought they had stopped making furniture like this.
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Great All Round

I have just taken delivery of a Chest of Drawers. I would just like to congratulate you on being so professional. Email reminders, a phone call, the delivery on time with no problems - well done!!! I wish all my on-line purchases were carried out so efficiently and thoughtfully

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