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Scentmall Fraud - SCAM SITE!

Below is copy of complaint letter to my bank:
Please find attached my complaint / disputed transaction regarding Scentmall. I have attached copies of my correspondence and will be happy to help you with any further information that you may require.
I am obviously keen to get my own money back, but I am also concerned that this is a large and very well organised scam site that seems to be making millions of pounds by fraudulent trading.
I was searching on the internet for a good price for perfume for Xmas. I found and I was impressed by the professional looking website and order processing. It seemed great. It was not until I placed the order that the confirmation showed it was being processed in Bulgaria…
Slightly worried, I hoped the perfume would arrive in time for Xmas. It did not. I gave it a few more days, allowing for the snow and ice disruption. Still nothing. I then started chasing – and was given a non existent ‘tracking number’. I replied that this could not be checked, but also asked friends who happen to live in Bulgaria to check it – nothing there either.
A brief search on the internet (yes, I really wish I’d done that before placing the order) then brought up not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of complaints about Scentmall – operating either as (now shut down) or as .org. There is also a site called scentmall.catalog – all working the same scam.
It seems they work on two scam levels – either simply not delivering anything at all, and then firing off spurious emails until the customer gets tired and gives up, or, actually sending something which turns out to be a fake perfume and usually not even a fake of the actual brand ordered.
Going to Google and searching for “Scentmall Scam” brings 109,000 results
“Scentmall fake” gives 115,000 results
“Scentmall complaint” gives 84,600 results
“Scentmall fraud” gives 92,900 results
Given that a relatively low number percentage of victims will actually pursue the rip-off to the point of going onto the internet to make a statement, it suggests that the actual scale of this fraud is massive. If there are 100,000 listed complaints and the average sum lost is, say £30 and there are at least 200,000 actual victims, which is based on 50% of victims are motivated to complain on the internet (a very optimistic ratio) then these pirates in Bulgaria have made £6 million pounds by stealing smallish sums from a lot of people. The numbers could in fact be much, much larger.
Surely there is some way the banks and credit card companies can flag these type of operations and prevent more money being lost? Is there not an industry circulated black list of scam traders?
If it is any help, my friends in Bulgaria found that the CEO and manager of Scentmall is a person called [Name].
(I am posting this review on all the scentmall site name variants on trustpilot to make sure anyone looking for reviews sees the details)
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