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Will not use this service again

I am a very unhappy customer. I had a situation that arose beyond my control that prevented me from cancelling/rebooking within 4 hours. Here is the situation. I am a US citizen. I had a domestic flight in the US then a connecting/plane change flight to Heathrow. My domestic flight was scheduled to land at 4:08 pm and my international flight scheduled to take off at 6:05 pm. Due to a major storm in the US my domestic flight was not able to land at its scheduled airport on time. We were rerouted to a different airport where we were stuck on the plane on the tarmac for 3 hours when we were finally able to take off for our scheduled airport and land. I did not find out about this until 10 minutes before we were supposed to land at the scheduled airport.I then had to wait for my airline to rebook me on another flight. I had no way to contact you within the 4 hours to cancel/rebook my transfer as my aircraft did not have wifi and I do not have international calling on my US cell phone. I emailed you as soon as I was able to rebook for later that evening as soon as I had access to
the Internet which unfortunately was not until 12:37 or 12:57 US time 5:37 time or 5:57 UK time. Had I had access to the Internet or international calling on my US cell phone I would have definately contacted you within the 4 hours. I was able to rebook for later that night but had to pay an additional 72 pounds. I am very unhappy about this and think this is an unacceptable business practice. Your company needs to realize that sometimes people have situations that arise that they can not control and do not always have a way to contact you four hours before there scheduled pickup and should not be charging them twice. I had planned to book your service again for my return trip to the airport but am not now because you charged me twice for a situation that was beyond my control. I would like you to issue some kind of compensation. Please look into your business practices and see if there is a way to compensate or issue a refund for situations beyond peoples control and if they have no way to contact you four hours before their scheduled pickup time.And then when I got my transfer that night it took a while to find my driver.

time to rebook my 7:30 am pickup which was not in the 4 hours but this was the only time I had access to the Internet to contact you. time to rebook my 7:30

another flight which was a very long wait as well. Ill
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    Reply from Silver Shuttle

    Unfortunately we did not receive enough notice in this instance to cancel the journey with our driver who incurred parking and waiting costs as well as the cost of the journey to and from the airport.
    We did ask you to get in touch as soon as you landed to arrange a new transfer but did not hear from you until later. Nevertheless we were able to arrange a transfer for a competitive rate at very late notice.
    We are sorry you had to pay more for the transport, but this was due to the initial issue with your delayed flight and not any fault of Silver Shuttle.
    As a gesture of goodwill we are able to offer you a discount off your next booking.
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