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De: Marcio Oliveira
Enviada: 27 de fevereiro de 2014 05:07
Para: ''
Assunto: RE: [#LMR-456-18206]: My order is still processing

My bank gave the case in your favor this because I forwarded your email to my bank:

From: SimplyElectronics Customer Support [ mailto : ]
Posted: January 15, 2014 21:04

Subject : [ # LMR- 456-18206 ] : My order is still processing

Dear Marcio ,

We apologize for any inconvenience Caused .

We can confirm que the refund was initiated by us on January 14 , 2014. Usually , it can up to 2-3 business days for the credit to Appear on your account . However the note , that different card issuers may have different processing times. We advise to contact your bank directly to check on your refund .

Please let us know if you have further queries .

Best Regards ,

Customer Service Officer

After my bank your receiving this email that your company sent me fit to be the case on your behalf so that you do podessem then refund my money and have no charges for chargeback .

Having received this date your response now comes to deny the refund , it appears that the fact that your company did not send me the product was already aiming to get me the money.

It's called staying with other people's money .

I have not been served and I am without my money ? NO

Therefore I ask that your company send the actual refund because to date your company came to try to gain time and convinced me he would refund me to get to this answer ?

I wait for the refund of my money because of your attitude now is not fair nor understandable.

De: SimplyElectronics Customer Support []
Enviada: 27 de fevereiro de 2014 04:38
Assunto: [#LMR-456-18206]: My order is still processing

Dear Marcio,

Thank you for your time to inform us of your overall feedback on this matter.

We would like to reiterate that we have received a Chargeback notification from your Bank on 25th Nov 2013 with Paypal reference case ID PP-002-759-467-518.

However after investigation with all the information available (evidence photos was given after 2 months of delivery); the case has been closed in favor to us therefore the funds has been reversed back to our account.

As this conclusion came from your Bank & Paypal, unfortunately there is nothing further we can do.

Thank you.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: LMR-456-18206
Department: CS Refund Enquiry
Type: Issue
Status: Closed
Priority: Critical

To ensure a timely reply, please log in to our Support Center where you are able to track your ticket via the help desk:
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Not good!!!!!

I ordered a phone for my son on December 22 for £287, we waited and waited and in the end gave up and ordered the same one from Another company (should have done this to start with) which took two days to arrive. The one from simply electronics finally got here on the 17th January which we returned 3 days later asking for a refund which they stated took 7 to 10 working days which I thought that's fine, anyway one month later and many emails saying pretty much the same thing I am still waiting, I have never come across a company like this before in my life,I still don't no if they will ever give me my money back a big mistake using them.
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I've ordered from these before in the past with no problems so for christmas I decided to order again as they were the cheapest. I need two iPhone 5c's for my kids, placed order on 3rd of December after site said had items in stock and paid for straight away. Long story but the items were never going to turn up on time even after many phone calls and emails and being promised tat they would. On the friday before christmas I cancelled the order as couldn't take the chance of them not turning up obviously never had them in stock. Had no problem cancelling and they were very apologetic and understood, said will issue my refund. Well its now gone mid January and still waiting again, keep sending emails and making phone calls and have been promised 3 working days but guess what? no refund! am now getting really frustrated I need my money back now can't understand why taking so long and looking at some of these posts I'm starting to get concerned. so be careful it seems like pot luck with them like I've said I've ordered before in past with no problems but this time, Well I'm just hoping its because of the christmas period!
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I am waiting on a flash to be delivered to me that I bought a month ago.

I purchased a flash from the electronic store a month ago and still have not received it.

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