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Don't go there!

I purchased a 4' adjustable bed with memory foam mattress, and to be honest, I wish I hadn't.
I'm severely disabled, so buying an adjustable bed was supposed to be a treat for me.
It turned out to be a nightmare.

Firstly, the mattress is NOT MEMORY FOAM, it is solid foam with LESS than One Inch of memory foam glued to the top.

The lead to the conroller is far too short to be able to use the adjustable function yourself while reclining in bed, so the whole thing is pointless.

The slatted part is so badly made, all the slats have huge gouges out of the wood at both ends of the slats. Where they enter the side bars is so thin, I know it's going to break.

The side bars on the slatted section are also only made of the same wood.

The bed base is so weak and light as to be useless, with no cover on the bottom.

The headboard had a dirty brown mark on it, dread to think from what!

But that's not the entire story.

As a disabled person, I'm supposed to get VAT relief.
But Sleepkings stole most of this.
I had to phone them when trying to place my order as the website didn't allow for VAT free pricing and filling in the VAT relief forms.
They phoned me back the following day and said YES they do the VAT relief.
They told me the bed price and then took my credit card details, and gave me a final price.

The website states free delivery on all orders over £50, period!

THEN they told me I had to pay another £50 delivery charge.

I was told that every order outside London incurred a minimum £25 delivery charge for areas closer to London, rising to £50 for the rest of the Country, and £95 to Ireland!

I argued that the website stated Free Delivery, but was told NO, it was all there on the website.

Assuming I had not read the small print, I paid it.

Later I checked, and even placed a fake order right up to the point of payment, when I cancelled it, just to see what happened.

There were no details or pages or anything on the website and the fake order came up with a Free Delivery.

So, in short, I was deliberately fleeced of £25 for delivery, because I am disabled and VAT exempt.

I tried to phone and email them to inform them that I had obviously been charged wrong.

They lied and they lied and they lied!

Couldn't believe the lies I got told!

Apparently, I'd requested special delivery for Set up of the bed!

Now, as the bed is for a room in a house which isn't built yet, that would be a very strange thing to do.

I was refused a refund, even though I requested it within the Distance Selling regulations and was allowed by law to cancel.

The same person who lied to me through the whole process on the phone and in emails was the person who turned up on my doorstep without any notice to deliver the bed.

It's just someone working out of their back bedroom I think, they're on ebay too, so beware.

The bed is worth next to nothing, won't last five minutes and is not memory foam. Don't go there!
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