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Amazing speed of shipping and best price on the Internet for this item.

I searched the Internet for a new Panasonic Lumix FZ200 Digital Camera and slrHut came up with best price and a few goodies thrown in. From the website (and phone business times) it was clear that the call centre was in the US and routed through a London UK office when calling the company. However I placed an order and paid for the camera and a case and shortly after got a mail asking me to contact sales to clarify the order and shipping (as I had mentioned this was a birthday gift and wanted to be sure the 7-10 day shipping was good and wanted a plain wrapper). Anyway before I managed to call john patrick from sales rang me and put me at ease saying the shipping would be on time and it will be delivered in a plain box. He was good to mention that the default battery was good for +- 500 shots and I might like to buy a hi output battery "which I had intended to do anyway here in the UK" so I agreed to include the extra battery an he also threw in a UV filter for the lens. So that was on the 28th May and following the DHL tracking it arrived at my door at 11:00 am on the 30th May Well done DHL (and SlrHut) Shame the case did not ship and I had to make a call to customer services but they agreed to ship it out the same day. (the complementary email asking me to contact sales followed and I called but was told to ignore its system generated) oh and one update email had the correct order number on but a wrong name (not mine) again a system glitch. However having unpacked and checked the camera everything else is there and a good array of extras (2x8mb SDHC cards, a small gorilla style tripod, lens cleaning material, protectors, usb/SDHC reader, card case and the free UV filter. I'm now excited waiting for the 10th so I can see how my over'arf likes her 50th birthday present.
In Summary:
- Ok this is shipped from the US but its a global shopping market so why not (I buy enough tat from China). and I would expect Panasonic to honour any warranty regardless of where its purchased.
- Price was at least £50 cheaper than almost anywhere else on Internet.
- No issues with Customs like some of the stuff from China
- Really helpful guys on the phone lines though I did have to wait a few minutes when calling (and its routing through London so not a US dial number).
- Yes they would love to sell you more but is that not what business is all about?
- Brilliant shipping from US to Suffolk England in 48hours (though I only requested and paid for 7-10 day shipping).

What more can I say? ...... other than if the camera is as good as the service from SlrHut then I'm happy.

Laurie (Suffolk, England)
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