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All good bar the collection

Used "Stress Free Parking" at Stansted for the first time last week. Its a good service and very helpful for those travelling with a lot of luggage and/or young / infirm passengers.

We called the number quoted when nearing the airport and a very helpful person explained where to go and meet our driver on arrival at the airport. The driver was waiting when we arrived and facilitated a very smooth handover that took no longer than it took us to get all of the passengers and luggage out of the car. Photos were taken to record the condition of the vehicle being left.

On our return, we cleared security and called to arrange collection of our vehicle as stated on our card. The person we spoke to explained that they were very busy and because of the sudden very bad weather (it had started to snow heavily and there were strong winds) it would be ten minutes before the car was with us. Consequently, we waited in the airport for a short while before heading down to our collection point.

It was freezing; strong winds and snow making it very unpleasant. Add to that the fact that me, my wife and my child were all suffering with bad colds and two had chest infections and it really was not what we needed. I tried to get my wife and child to a sheltered spot while I went looking for my car. It was 35 minutes before it arrived!

I can accept that delays happen and with valid reasons like a sudden rush and bad weather make it even more palatable so please just be honest and tell me it is going to be 35 minutes. Had I have known I could have stayed in the airport, had a coffee and, most importantly, kept me and my family warm.

When the driver did arrive, again, the handover was smooth and I was able to be on my way with minimal additional fuss.

Without the false information on my collection, this would have got a five-star rating. The service offering is good and the actual handovers were executed very efficiently with the drivers.
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