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Appalling Service

*Update to initial review*

An update to the review I left last week. After PROVING that the mistake was theirs and that they HAD taken money from my account, but also that they had tried to take the payment TWICE (the 2nd one being flagged by my CC company as a fraudulent payment - which in effect it was) they have finally (after 6 days) got back to me to tell me they have canceled the order twice (even though I only ordered once) and that they have refunded my card for the full amount (therefore PROVING that payment was taken). My balance hasn't increased by the amount they took but until my new statement is printed I am unable to check exactly how much they repaid (hopefully it is the full amount or I will pass everything on to the relevant authorities). They are still REFUSING to accept any responsibility for them trying to take more money from my account and as such I will NEVER use or recommend to anyone. Please be aware if you are considering making a purchase from this company.


Where to start? I'm currently embroiled in a war of worlds with them over a mistake THEY have made.

I placed an order totalling £104.97; the payment was authorised and I was sent an email with the order number that stated payment had been recieved. This was at 10.24 on the morning of the 21st. Later that evening I received another email from them to tell me that my payment had been declined, but this email had a totally DIFFERENT order number. A quick check of my credit card balance showed that exactly £104.97 had been issued and taken from my limit, so I contacted them asking for them to verify what had happened (I know people are only human and mistakes are made). 2 emails later (every time I telephoned I got cut off) I have just received a reply telling me that my card was declined so they have cancelled my order.

This then prompted me to telephone my card issuer who told me they took payment (that was authorised) at 10.24 but that at 14.50 that same day they tried to take the same amount. Believing this to be a fraud attempt (due to it being the same amount) my card issuer did in fact decline this attempt (and I am very glad they did or this company would now have 2 lots of money from me for the same order that they are saying I won't receive because my card was declined).

I have now been back to this company (again via email so that I have everything in writing) and have attached all their emails and my proof of payment from them back to them and am waiting to see where they will try to fob me off next as they are telling me I spoke to one of their colleagues yesterday and everything was fine (I have NEVER spoken to anyone) but that later in the day they informed the payment had failed.
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