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With them you are on your own

I have printed with experts in other European countries (who work with museums) and I have never seen such a bad color print! I got the explanation that real color prints show less color accuracy than inkjet prints (normally not true!), which is why after a totally shitty print they offered me half off of the second one. To be honest, if I hadn't been under such time pressure I would have never printed with them again!
They don´t take the time to look at the print and compare it to the one you sent, which is the least they can do when they are charging over 55 pounds a print!
My mistake was to order online, which forces you to pay with credit card, so I couldn´t withhold payment for the useless print!
In the end they sent me a new bill which they charged directly to my credit card again and didn't even state what it was for! (which exact paper type etc.)
I feel they are very unprofessional with unjustified high prices!
Don't go there if you can find any other place!!!!
And just in case you don't think I know what I am talking about, I have worked with professional printers for exhibitions in Austria and New York.
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    Reply from theprintspace

    Hi Mariella,

    Many thanks for the review. The service we offer puts you in control over your prints. We guarantee cheap prices, quality results & colour-managed prints if you use our colour profiles to match the image on the screen of your computer.

    If you went to a master printing company, as opposed to us, somebody would prepare your print and colour-correct it for you, however the cost would be 50% higher.

    We are always happy to help our clients, recommend suitable paper types, discuss how soft-proofing works and assist with the process. In case you can’t come in, there are plenty of great video tutorials available on our website that explain soft-proofing step by step.

    Kind regards,
    theprintspace team
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