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Thomson are not the top leading company they were, SO BE WARNED.

I have been on approx. 15 thomson holidays over the past 20 years most of them were quite good with only the odd minor hiccup. You say you need to listen to your customers. Filling a questonaire out on a return flight is a good idea but what’s with all the information you req. On home insurance etc.? Is it because you can sell my details to carefully selected companies ? I know you want to know how my holiday went but it’s a bit below the the belt trying to entice me to give all my personal details away for the chance of winning a prize. Top companies don’t cut corners and sell you what it says on the tin.
I found quite a few differences when i went away on this occasion.
1. Having to pay £38 just to guarantee to sit together on the flight
2. Giving a measly 15 KG baggage allowance ( you do know that this is near impossible to achieve, so its another extra payment )
3. All inflight entertainment gone. ( so we basically have to sit there for 5 hours looking at a screen telling how far we have travelled ) ( oh you might say bring your ipad or laptop to entertain, there are not any charging facilities available on the aircraft ( unlike other companies which offer back seat monitor and charge facility on short haul flights ) ).
4. Selling scratch cards on board the aircraft ( very tacky ) ( i don’t think many were sold )
5. Cabin crew giving out sarcastic comments to the person sitting next to me ( i am a business owner and would not dream of being sarcastic to one of my customers. ( person i was sitting next to looked so disgusted )
6. We went to the welcome meeting at our hotel, which was good because we received one to one meeting. We bought tickets for 4x4 jeep excursion and added cablecar tickets to go up Mount teide. The person in charge of the told us we would not be able to use our cable car tickets on this excursion, Fast forward, went back and told our Rep. At the hotel, apologised and and gave us our cablecar ticket money back. Admitted after a 24 hour investigation, that she had caused the error. ( proof in the E mail that the rep sent us ) Cant understand why it would take 24 hours for Thomson to to say ‘’ Oh here is a £50 holiday voucher that you can only cash in if you book another holiday with us ( so we would need to spend another £1300 ) So it sound like if you get a complaint from a customer , you give the customer a £50 voucher so they will book another holiday with Thomson. I run a business my self, so would it be a good idea to sell one of my products for £1000 and then the customer complained about my product and i give him a £50 voucher to spend another £1000 with my company, i think i would be very rich quite soon.
7. the rep. said she would meet us to discuss this at 5:45pm on the Wednesday to give us this news, she turned up at 6pm, saying she was so busy and so she had kept us waiting. The Rep. was very apologetic about our situation and told us she had been in touch with Thomson in the Uk But in this day of Emails and internet you still managed to take 24 hrs to investigate our problem, There were no other excursions going to mount teide within our holiday timespan so we were unable to go on teide cablecar . My wife had never been to Tenerife before and was so looking forward to the cablecar trip, we had booked other trips out for the rest of the days so we were unable to go on another day, a big let down, does a £50 thomson holiday voucher cover it ?
8. Flight times good and on time .
9. On the the return pick up on the coach from the hotel we were 2nd or 3rd pick up, guess what ? no rep on coach, all we had was a Spanish bus driver trying to tell us to get on board and put your luggage in there, so we got and settled down on the front 2 seats behind the driver, we were both had a little sleep for 20 mins only to be woken up by a Thomson rep boarding the coach at next to the last Hotel before reaching the Airport saying you cant’t sit there, you should have been told you cannot sit there, they are reserved seats for disabled people so please go and find another seat. The rep came on board the coach at that point ( taking into consideration we had already been travelling for 30 minutes ) and started telling us all about the coach regs. And telling us all to put seat belts on because of the Spanish police rules. And to put arm rests up. Do you not think this important safety tips should have been told to us when we boarded the coach and not 30 min into our journey, I think the rep should get on board at the first hotel pick up .
10. You can give all the excuses you like but Thomson are not the good company that they used to be. You would think they would not cut corners hoping that the customer would not notice, especially with websites like trip advisor.
11. The hotel was perfect, so 10 points for keeping this on your list, and bit dated they made up for that with the good service they us. Ie When we ordered room service one evening and it did not turn up so we went tell them at reception the night after and guess what? Yes free tea and biscuits for the next 3 nights, now that is good service.
Thomson are not the company they were, Be WARNED
Still waiting for my £50 voucher to frame on the wall !!!!!
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Great Service, Great Hotels, Great Fleet

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