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FANTASTIC!! Best online company around.

I was looking at buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner but was unsure which one would be best for me. I was searching the internet and came across Thurgo LTD.

I hadn't heard of the company before, but i had a good look at there reviews and there website. Seeing they are a small family run business I thought i'd give them ago.

I called on a Thursday late afternoon and spoke to a young lady and explained I would like to buy a Dyson but was unsure of which one, she said I was best of talking to Perry as he was there expert on Dyson's.

I was passed onto Perry who talked me through every Dyson they sell, told me all the ins and outs of every model. His knowledge and advice was amazing!! We must of been on the phone for about 45 mins and not once did Perry seem disinterested or unhelpful.

Finally made my decision on a DC35 hand held Dyson and a Handheld tool kit. As I live in a small flat Perry advised that a handheld would be more suitable and wouldn't take up much room.

I placed the order after a long phone call (no fault of Thurgo's) and the transaction was successful and my order placed.

Shocked!! A knock at the door at 8.44 the next morning and to my amazement my Dyson had arrived!! I am in love with it and could not fault the product at all!

I am glad i purchased from Thurgo and have supported a family business is the current economy! I will definitely be returning and recommending to EVERYONE!!!

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