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he came to the wrong house for collection

TNT Man came round to the wrong house to collect my package. I had to yell out to him to come round. If I had not come out my house to investigate, he would have left and there would have been no pick up for that day. He gave jokes about the weirdo on the door step on my street so all was quickly forgiven. :D

He took the package from me and he signed the necessaries and I too. I tracked the package from then on. Everything signed for and it was a smooth transaction for all.

I’m now a bit wary about going with them again given the amount of bad reviews here. I’ve had this before; “Dunno wut ya all on abut, man! Nah, dey dun a gr8 service for me” and boom it turns out to be shit like everyone’s been saying about them. Yeah, that YODEL experience.

I forgave the TNT man for coming to the wrong house. That don’t mean I’d forget it.
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    Thanks for your positive review. We are new to Trust Pilot and are committed to using the reviews that we get to improve our websites and the service that you receive as a customer.

    We hope you will use us again for your next delivery.
    Many thanks, Lisa
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