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Everything is Extra! Add-on after Add-on...

I am so unhappy with this company and their services. I was initially using dropbox's free account but then I wanted to save more data so I looked around and found JustCloud.

The reviews of JustCloud on Top Ten Reviews I think were great and it seemed like a marvellous back-up solution. I quickly found out that http://www.justcloud.com is NOT the cloud back-up solution for me.

Just Cloud will literally charge you an add-on fee for everything! So, you'll end up paying Just Cloud for a sync folder over 1GB (That comes as standard with a dropbox free account), then you'll pay more to add each computer to the account!! What's the point in having a cloud solution or a sync folder if you have to pay again and again to access the files from another computer!? aaaaarrgghh!

Then if you want to back up a file that's over 1gb you have to do this manually.... and wait for it.....pay for another add-on. Surprise Surprise JustCloud!!!

So needless to say after purchasing the service and paying for 4 licenses for our families PCs and laptops I gave JustCloud a rather annoyed phone call to cancel and get my money back (After only 9 days).

The guy on the phone was actually ok. He tried offering me 70% off my annual fee and really did try to help, but apparently the system would not allow him to refund our extra license add-ons (Which came to a total of about £75) and also I was charged around £15 for cancelling! Hmmm, that makes sense.

So yeah, thanks a lot JustCloud for ripping me off a grand total of around £90. You can imagine the "I told you so" I will now get for the next 10 or more years from my wife because I chose to go with JustCloud over other online cloud storage solutions!

(End of Rant)
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