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Put tools back on drivers vans & TOTD need to make notes on vehicles they have fitted before

Second time user of TOTD.

Sadly I can see signs of the company changing from 'nothing is any trouble' to more of a private equity investment company.

The van driver was faultless, they definitely recruit well, problem was regarding BBS alloy wheels getting the wheel nut cap off. Drivers use to have tools on the van to help with this sort of thing but apparently company policy to have vans in the yard at night now means drivers are advised not to have tools on board any more.

The post web booking phone call needs to ask more questions about the tyres to avoid possible failed fitting charges of £25. Ask more questions than just the locking nut. It should have been noted about my issue also being a second time customer and I did give my number plate over the phone.

They should definitely implement a system where notes are made about previous cars they have fitted such as a wheel nut cap or access restrictions.

Long story short I was looking at the failed fitting charge yesterday in the pouring rain when the driver didn't have any tools on board because of the new company policy.

The first time I used TOTD they did and the fitter was really competent, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. This was the same as I found the driver yesterday.

Between the driver and I we eventually managed to get these stuck wheel nut caps off and fitted the tyres but we both got soaked in the process.

Van drivers can be a mixed bunch in terms of trust, but if TOTD trust them to drive the high end custom fitted merc vans around then they should be trusted to have some company supplied tools to help with instances where a stubborn wheel nut cap could make the difference between a failed fitting charge & a very unhappy customer and a faultless 5 star review service.

Definite signs the company is getting more inward looking about policies, recruitment issues with the odd rouge driver, and procedures over actually helping the customer out. Signs they are getting the balance, (no pun intended) wrong.

So a cautious warning to all that read, Great prices, Great drivers but the office policy could sour future customer relations if the drivers don't get some basic tools back on the van to deal with situations like mine.
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