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**UPDATE** They have replaced the broken equipment.

Immediately after filling out this review, HR contacted me to tell me that they had been waiting on a replacement part and shipped it out that day. It arrived yesterday, and it seems to be in working order, though I have not yet installed it. There is a rattle in the hand-held sprayer. I have not yet taken it apart to see what the cause is, but just replaced it with the previous shipping, so everything is OK.

I have ordered about 4 things from HR, and half arrived damaged so far. The first time was a problem with assembly, and the second with shipping. Both times now they have replaced the parts without hassle. They use solid brass materials, and the components seem well made (e.g., ceramic disks). However, there is often some problem with details of assembly. As long as they are good about fixing these mistakes, and their prices stay so reasonable, I will continue to buy from them. Heck, one could buy two of their items to be certain of enough working parts and still save money. On the other hand, if time is critical for you, you might want to think twice about HR. This is really a shame, because it seems that quality control should be relatively easy for them to fix, and would increase their profit margins. They use good materials, so just have someone do a quick once-over on each thing before it goes out. They also could have packaged the kitchen faucet a bit better to avoid damage during shipping, but I don't want to blame them for things that are out of their control.

**Previous review:

I purchased a kitchen faucet, which arrived very quickly, just a few days. I immediately opened it to discover that the main part had broken into two pieces, possibly during shipping. I called them and sent them a photo. They promised to send me a replacement part, but nothing came. I sent them an email, but no reply. I will be canceling my credit card payment today. It has been over two weeks.
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