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warranty? Only after weeks of emails and photos!

Friends, I like the Designs of Hudson Reed. However I would caution you about the warranty process. Especially if you need your fixture replaced within a few weeks. The process is slow, you feel as though your not getting through to anyone that understands the product. I had to send photos of every single angle of the product and explain the problem as though I was writting a patent.
Obsurd, I will not consider them on the next home build. Stay local
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    Reply from Hudson Reed USA

    Hello Richard,
    I am sorry that you are unhappy with the time taken to make a claim under your warranty. I can however see that you have started two separate conversations with us to resolve this issue which has ultimately added to the time taken to resolve the issue.

    We aim to resolve any warranty issue in a timely manner however it is company policy to see photographs highlighting the problem before we can authorize sending out replacement parts, I am sure you understand and appreciate the reasoning behind this.

    The reason we asked you for an explanation regarding the problem is so that we can assess the situation and offer you the best advice possible in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    I am glad to see the issue has now been resolved.

    Kind Regards


    The Hudson Reed USA team
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