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Customer Svc did not return my calls or email...bad business

I made two transatlantic phone calls and your sorry employees did not call back after I specifically asked them to. I also sent photos, as requested, and nothing. Good product. Customer service sucks.
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    Reply from Hudson Reed USA

    Dear Mr Bond,

    I am very sorry to read that you have not received the call backs you were assured would take place.

    I have seen the photos which you have sent in and have contacted you regarding this issue today, please be advised that when photos are sent in they are sent to an unmanned inbox, the confirmation e-mail which you receive once the pictures have been received by ourselves states that you need to contact us to advise the photos are there.
    Unfortunately without this contact we are unaware photos have been sent in. Please accept my apologies if this was not made clear to you.

    I hope to speak with you myself today via e-mail and or phone to resolve the issue.

    Kind regards,
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